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What is "The Responsible , Right Thing"?

"The Responsible , Right Thing" is to keep our dollars right here at home.
We 100% endorse Mage Solar a USA manufacturers of panels because of their great quality
and produce a higher output than on the name plate label. They carry a 30 year warrantees on their
power output. It is expected that Solar SiPV panels will still be producing about 80%
of their original power after the warrantry expires and could last 35 + plus years.

Mage SolarMage PowerTec Polycrystalline 220-230 watts
Mage PowerTec Monocrystalline 175-185 watts



SMA SB7000

SMA Inverters deliver up to 96+% Effeciency.
SMA Sunny Webbox interfaces with the internet providing access to inverter data
SUNNY BOY 5000US/6000US/7000US