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Lease or Buy Solar PV
Is it Better to Lease or to Buy Your Solar PV System?

SunOneness is a firm believer in doing the responsible right thing. Cutting your carbon emissions using Solar PV while lowering or eliminating your electric in a cost effective way is what we are all about. We take things a step further in making your system investment money provide a return.

Leasing may sound good at first and many companies that lease you a system do little for eliminating your utility bill. Some programs save you 20% off your bill. Other leasing plans still charge you for your current utility rate, but give you the peace of mind of using your roof to offset your carbon footprint. While no money down is attractive and it is doing the responsible right thing it offers you little monetarily. The leasing companies are pocketing your money as you continue to pay your normal bill.

If you go to the SunOneness Cost Savings Page and play with the numbers you soon will find that taking a 7% loan will only add 2 to 5 years to the payback period. This is money that the system is paying off your loan for you. After the loan is paid, all the energy the system produces yours. You will hedge yourself against further increases in utility rates.

SunOneness PV Solar Systems have a typical payback from 8 to 12 years. Please note that SunOneness uses the most conservative figures on our payback. We use a 3% energy inflation cost where many other installers will quote 8%. During our last energy run-up in 2008 -2009 we saw large increases in utility rates. SunOneness believes energy is going to continue going higher at least at 3% a year rate.

Leasing programs will let you buy the system after 6 to 10 years later. SunOneness asks where are the savings if you now buy the system?

Your best option is to get a loan and pay for the system right upfront and let the system work against paying off the loan.

Buying a SunOneness Solar PV System is an Investment and also is doing the responsible right thing reducing your carbon footprint and saving valuable non renewable energy sources for the future.

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