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SP-100: SunPods Solar Ground Mounted Energy Systems™ install over all land
surfaces, asphalt and concrete surfaces.  SunPods SP-100's sleek architectural design
blends into parking lot installations or attaches alongside buildings.

The SunPods SP-100 modular platform design provides unlimited growth options,
can scale up from a single 2.4-kW power unit up to large mega-watt utility power farms.
SP-100 Product Data Sheet 

SunPods new SOILSSolar Operational integrated Landfill System™ for active
and legacy solid waste landfills is designed to generate clean renewable solar energy
and revenues while accommodating the ever-changing surface landscape of the landfill
as it undergoes the decomposition and evolving renaturing process.
SOILS Product Data Sheet

SP-200: SunPods Solar Roof Mounted Energy Systems
– Designed as an architectural
product for new constructions, the SunPods SP-200 ships late 2nd Quarter 2010.
SP-300: SunPods EV Plug-N-Go™ - Electric Vehicle Solar Charging Platforms -
The SunPods SP-300 represents the first factory built-to-order, ship-to-site, ready
to power up on delivery, solar powered electric vehicle charging station.

SunPods combines its innovative SunPods power platform systems with the industry's
most advanced EV charging systems. SunPods off-set fossil generated electricity with
clean renewable solar energy via net metering. The SunPods SP-300 can ship with
large scale battery storage and is Smart Grid capable and powers most electric vehicles.
SP-300 Product Data Sheet

SP-400: SunPods UPS and Backup Solar Power Systems™ are built with deep cycle,
high capacity batteries and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology and battery
back-up power for retail points of sales, data protection and mission critical systems for
commercial and government facilities when the power grid goes down.
SP-500: SunPods Solar Agriculture & Remote Site Power Systems™ are designed
to provide solar power solutions for on-grid and off-grid agricultural processing, wells,
irrigation and water distribution systems.

The SunPods SP-500 is used for remote site power for telecommunications, navigation
systems, oil and gas and security applications for Homeland Security and the Military. 
SP-500 Product Data Sheet

SP-600: SunPods Solar Powered Parking Energy Structures™ our dual-functional
SunPods SP-600 plug-n-play design provides shaded parking and generates clean
renewable energy where roof or ground space is limited. 

The SunPods SP-600 are ideal for school and corporate campuses, shopping mall
parking lots and top level parking structures. Ships 2nd Quarter 2010
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